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The editing and publication design expert

Here at Epiphany Editing and Publishing, we get excited about the small details – details such as correctly spelt words; flawless grammar and punctuation; and an impeccably formatted flyer, brochure or book.

Have you ever submitted an article online to find out (too late) that it was full of errors? Perhaps you’ve been confused about the difference between its, its’ and it’s, or felt concerned that your printed brochure looked amateurish. If you’ve ever been in that situation, then you’ll know how important it is to have a professional editor review your writing or design your publication. These details can make or break your first impression on your readers, and they deserve special attention!

That’s where we come in. Epiphany Editing and Publishing is a boutique publication design and editing business located at Sandgate on Brisbane’s north side. We offer a professional editing and design service to ensure your printed publications are polished and produced to a high standard. Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients by creating attractively presented documents that are a reflection of their personality and enhance their professional reputation.

At Epiphany Editing and Publishing we understand your time and budget are limited resources. By listening closely to your requirements, we’re able to produce an affordable (yet high-quality) outcome for you with a quick turnaround.

Kirsty Ogden

Kirsty is a freelance publication designer and editor, and is the business owner of Epiphany Editing & Publishing. With over 20 years’ industry experience in copy editing, proofreading, desktop publishing, and librarianship she has expertise in all aspects of print publication.

Kirsty has the following tertiary qualifications:

  • Graduate Certificate of Editing & Publishing
  • Bachelor of Design & Communication
  • Diploma of Business Administration
  • Library Technicians’ Certificate.

Kirsty is a full member of the (Australian) Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) and its Queensland branch – Editors Queensland, formerly known as Society of Editors (Qld).

Combining her lifelong love of books with her passion for high-quality design, Kirsty is committed to helping writers achieve their dreams through self publishing. Her meticulous attention to detail, excellent communication and research skills, and creative flair make Epiphany Editing & Publishing the ideal partner for your next publication project.

Contact Epiphany Editing and Publishing today to find out how we can help you to produce your print publication to the highest standard.


I was delighted how Kirsty was able to take my written words and structure them into a well organised book. Her professional attitude and enthusiastic support made self publishing my book simple and stress-free.

Alison McGrath

author of 'Getting the Right Balance'

With Kirsty’s expertise and guidance, I was able to publish a book that I’m truly proud of and which I know will be key in raising my profile within my industry. Her editing skills and in-depth knowledge of book production, together with her friendly manner, made self publishing my book straightforward and stress free. I highly recommend Kirsty’s editing and book design services to anyone seeking a talented publishing professional.

Christelle Damiens

author of 'Ready, Tech, Go!'

Working on publishing my mathematics textbook has been one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. And commissioning Kirsty to help me with my project was one of the smartest things I have ever done. It has been a long and demanding process but the end result is more than adequate compensation for all the hard work and frustration. I would recommend Epiphany Editing & Publishing in a heartbeat to anyone.

Paul McNamara

author of 'The Derivation of Mathematics'

For my debut novel, ‘The Chess Board’, Kirsty clarified each step of the process and guided me through the maze of networks, protocols and requirements involved in the book publishing trade. Her page layout and cover design work was of a high professional quality. I am happy to recommend Kirsty Ogden as a skilled book designer with a good trade knowledge and a gentle, helpful manner.

Jim Reay

author of 'The Chess Board'

When I started searching for a book designer for the anthology, ‘Gulf Women’, I was looking for three things: experience and skill in publishing and book design; good communication; and a reasonable price for the work. Given that it was a large project, Kirsty Ogden’s costs were more than fair. She gave us a very clear and detailed quote for exactly what she would do. In addition, due to her knowledge of book printing and use of a print broker for the 2,000 book print order, we were able to use offshore printing with full-colour photos for the same cost, or less, as local black and white or digital printing. Unfortunately, there are some companies working with self-publishing authors who promise the earth with inflated prices, hidden costs, and produce a poor-quality product. With such a large order, I couldn’t afford anything to go wrong. However, from our first phone call to the supervised delivery of the books, I could not fault a single thing with the quality of service Kirsty gave us. She is professional, highly competent and knowledgeable, takes great pride in her work and is a wonderful book designer. I highly recommend Kirsty Ogden and Epiphany Editing & Publishing. She is a pleasure to work with.

Bronwyn Blake

anthology editor of 'Gulf Women'

I was dreading the process of editing my first publication, but working with Kirsty from Epiphany Editing and Publishing turned out to be a marvelous experience. I can’t speak highly enough of her patience and gentle education throughout what to me was then a relatively unknown world, and I’m absolutely delighted with the final layout and presentation of my book. A very good, collaborative process – thank you!

Allan Williams

author of 'Have You Met my Succubus?'

As a first-time author, I needed a lot of support throughout the publishing process, which Kirsty was always happy to provide. I liked that she was friendly and helpful and was impressed by her efficiency, knowledge of the publishing industry, and professionalism. This was a positive experience for me from start to finish and I would happily recommend Epiphany Editing & Publishing to anyone for any publishing project. Thanks Kirsty!

Maureen Madsen

author of 'I Am Jonah'

Kirsty’s knowledge of the publishing industry was the reason I choose to trust her with my book manuscript. As a first-time author, I needed advice regarding layout and typesetting, front cover design, font selection, book trim size, what information to include on the front and back covers, and numerous other small details in the printing and production process. Her friendly, professional manner (together with firm guidance when necessary) was perfect for helping me to achieve my book publishing goal. Thanks to Kirsty’s imagination and expertise, I now have a book that I am proud to hold in my hand.

Anne Jennings

author of 'Belongings'

Kirsty is a first-rate editor and book designer who brings keen insight along with her good attention to detail. It was absolutely wonderful working with her on my book. She really goes beyond the call of duty. I felt Kirsty was as committed as I was to my book, and that’s a very special thing. I would absolutely recommend Epiphany Editing & Publishing.

Cathy Burke

author of 'Unlikely Leaders'

I have just completed the steps involved in publishing my very first manuscript. The polishing, refining and preparation of my work was conducted by Epiphany Editing & Publishing, and I can only say that it was an exceptional experience. Kirsty coached me through the  editing changes she proposed, and in all cases, her adjustments were sensational. I found Kirsty very accommodating and professional to work with. It is apparent that she takes great pride in her work and this is reflected in her approach to establishing a comfortable working relationship with her clients. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend her to other authors.

Peter McGregor

author of 'Survive and Thrive'

Having embarked on a huge project – authoring a memoir of my career spanning 40 years, including personal highlights – my goal was to ensure that my book was published to the highest standard. I contacted Kirsty Ogden from Epiphany Editing & Publishing for professional advice and she was able to steer me in the right direction. Her in-depth knowledge of book publishing and her keen eye for detail while proofreading my manuscript helped me to achieve a great outcome – a beautiful published book that I’m proud of, and one I sincerely hope my clients and friends will enjoy.

Keri Craig-Lee, OAM

Fashion designer and business entrepreneur

Kirsty was the most respectful and professional person to work with during the process of publishing my book, ‘Man of Steel’. She gave helpful advice regarding pictures, fonts, layout and cover design. The costs involved in publishing my book were very reasonable and worth every penny. The end product was better than I could have hoped for and I can highly recommend her services.

Jane Deakin

author of 'Man of Steel'

When I first started writing my book, I had no idea how complicated the process would be to publish it. I though I would just write my book in MS word and it would magically turn into a bestseller! Kirsty has been such an important part of my publishing journey. She has been professional and very thorough, and has guided me through all of the necessary steps to publish my book. If you want to write a book and you are looking for somebody to help with all of the finer details, go with Epiphany Editing & Publishing!

Nicholas Schuster

author of 'Why am I in Pain?

Great service and assistance for a first timer. Kirsty helped me through every step of publishing my book, and was patient and always professional. I would recommend Epiphany Editing & Publishing to all.

Ian Curtis

author of 'The Forgotten Men at Grandchester Railway Station'

I entrusted Kirsty to review the final manuscript of my forthcoming book, ‘Partnering with Accountants’ after the typesetting process had lost its way and I’m so glad that I did! I really appreciated the way Kirsty quickly came to terms with what I was looking to achieve and where things were at. From there, Kirsty came up with well-considered suggestions which will make all the difference to the final outcome for my book. I heartily recommend engaging Kirsty’s services to get your book to completion and to high standard.

Scott Charlton

author of 'Partnering with Accountants'