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The editing and publication design expert

At Epiphany Editing & Publishing, the small details are key – such details as correctly spelt words; impeccable grammar and punctuation; and an attractively formatted publication (such as a brochure, newsletter, technical manual or business report).

Have you ever submitted an article online only to discover (usually too late!) that it was full of errors? Or perhaps you’ve been confused about the difference between its, its’ and it’s? Or you’ve been worried that your document design looked amateurish and you don’t know what to do to improve it? If any of those scenarios sound familiar, then you’ll understand why it’s important to have a professional to support you – by reviewing your writing or designing your publication. These details can make or break your first impression with your audience so they deserve special attention! And that’s where I can help you …

Professional Editing and Desktop-Publishing Solutions

Epiphany Editing & Publishing is a Brisbane-based editing and desktop publishing business. I offer professional editing and design services to ensure your printed publications are polished and produced to the highest standards. My objective is to create eye-catching and accurate documents that reflect my clients’ personality and enhance their professional reputation.

For most people, time and money are limited resources. So I listen closely to your requirements for your editing and/or design project in order to provide a high-quality, timely and affordable outcome that will enchant your audience. My meticulous attention to detail, excellent communication and research skills, and creative flair make Epiphany Editing & Publishing the ideal partner for your next publication project.

Kirsty Ogden

Kirsty is a qualified editor and designer, and is the business owner of Epiphany Editing & Publishing. With over 30 years’ industry experience in editing, proofreading, desktop publishing, and librarianship, she has expertise in all aspects of print publication.

Kirsty has the following tertiary qualifications:

  • Graduate Certificate of Editing & Publishing
  • Bachelor of Design & Communication
  • Diploma of Business Administration
  • Library Technicians’ Certificate.

Kirsty is a full member of the (Australian) Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) and its Queensland branch – Editors Queensland, formerly known as Society of Editors (Qld).

Combining her lifelong love of words and books with her passion for high-quality design, Kirsty is committed to helping business owners and writers, as well as corporate and government organisations achieve their editing and/or design goals.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you to produce your print publication to the highest standard.


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