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Your Master’s or PhD thesis or dissertation is the culmination of your academic career, and the end product of countless hours of research, writing and hard work. As the writer, you need to be able to express your ideas clearly, logically and concisely to the reader. However, since you have been closely involved with your research over a long period and may have developed a strong attachment to the subject matter, you are often too close to effectively evaluate the content and flow of your research paper. You may not be able to easily cast a critical eye over your work and proofread it objectively. For this reason, hiring a professional editor is a great way to ensure your thesis is in the best possible shape before submitting it for examination.

Academic editing goals

There are many goals to academic editing, which may vary from student to student or assignment to assignment. In general, the goal of most editors who work on thesis editing projects is to ensure the final document is succinct, understandable, informative and grammatically correct. By checking that the coherence in your argument, along with clarity and consistency, are maintained throughout your work, a professional editor can ensure that your thesis is polished and has professional appeal. Furthermore, a professional editor understands how hard you have worked on your thesis and, therefore will assure 100 per cent confidentiality of your work. As a result, your intellectual property will remain completely private.

Role of a professional editor

A professional editor won’t necessarily be knowledgeable about your specific area of expertise but they can help you to:

  • ensure your thesis is free of typographical, grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • make sure your arguments are clear and logical
  • suggest ways to improve sentence structure and flow
  • check your citations, references, citations, sources of information, and bibliography are correct
  • format the entire document so that it is well-organised and presented in a manner that meets your university’s guidelines and specifications.
Kirsty Ogden is a professional editor and graphic designer. With a lifelong passion for books, words and good design, she loves helping people to polish their writing to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.