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Our latest design project – a free ebook titled, Good publication design: the ten top tips for creating professional print publications – is now available for downloading from our website.

Within the ebook, we discuss the essential principles of desktop publishing that help to establish any type of printed document as a successful communication medium.

What constitutes good publication design?

Good design conveys information and communicates ideas. In contrast, poor design impairs communication by getting in the way and blocking transmission of your message.
In order for a print publication to be considered well designed, the intended message must be clear so that the target audience readily receives it. Whether it’s a brochure, technical report, resume or book — the layout or design of the publication should emphasise its message.

How to create professional print documents

The best way to become a proficient desktop publisher is to analyse other print materials. If you carefully examine each design element in a printed document, you will discover many valuable desktop publishing tips.

When you look at any publication such as a printed book, ask yourself the following questions:
• Does the book look attractive?
• Is the typeface comfortable and pleasant to read?
• Is the text grammatically correct and error free (a professional editor can help you with this)?
• Do illustrations add to the meaning of the book?
• Is the layout design logical and easy to comprehend?
• Is colour really necessary?
• Is the book well printed?
• Is the printing technique appropriate for the purpose of this book?

Answering these questions will help you to take the first steps in ‘training your eye’ and improve your understanding of design theory. By developing your background knowledge of good design principles and a well-honed sense of aesthetics, you will be in a good position to readily create your own professional print documents.

Kirsty Ogden is a professional editor and graphic designer. She is passionate about helping people to create a powerful business marketing message via an attractively designed and articulate print publication.