Desktop publishing

What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop publishing (DTP) is the design of professional-looking visual communication and promotional materials. As people usually find visual content more engaging, it makes good business sense for organisations to ensure they have well-designed print and digital publications to promote their services and/or products and communicate their message more effectively.

Specialist design software (including Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop) enables professional desktop publishers to create high-quality publications. These documents are designed to consistently promote an organisation’s brand identity, logo, colour palette and font style across all its corporate and marketing materials. In this way, they are able to project the desired ‘look and feel’ to their potential clients, customers and partners.

The Right Tool for Your Page Layout Project

Most people are able to create basic documents themselves using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. However, for more complex documents or presentations, desktop publishing professionals have the expertise and experience to create polished, well-presented publications using specialist page layout software programs such as Adobe Indesign.

It really is a case of ensuring you use the right tool for the job. Microsoft Word is ideal for any word processing task which involves creating documents that are predominantly text-based or to produce simple pages with a straightforward layout that need to be frequently updated. However, for page layout designs that consist of a mixture of text and graphics, Microsoft Word is challenging to use. Moreover, it can be difficult to produce a satisfactory outcome for your document. This is because images that are incorporated in a Word document often seem to ‘jump around’ the page as soon as you attempt to adjust the text or layout.

In contrast, using professional DTP software such as Adobe Indesign offers a lot more control over the final outcome for any page layout/formatting project. With design expertise and access to specialist design programs, professional desktop publishers are able to create sophisticated, eye-catching publications. Plus, the final outcome of this process are press-ready PDF files which meet the required specifications for digital or offset printing.

How We Can Help You

Professional typesetting and page layout design of text and images (such as photographs, line illustrations, maps, diagrams, charts and tables) are key to the success of any publication.

At Epiphany Editing & Publishing we are committed to helping our clients to produce high-quality corporate or research publications.

We offer expert and affordable page layout and formatting services to ensure that your content is attractively presented and clearly communicates your intended message.

We can advise you about all written and graphic aspects of your document, including :

  • selection of optimal typefaces
  • correct leading (spacing between lines), hyphenation and text justification settings
  • heading hierarchy levels (i.e. headings and subheadings font style and weight)
  • image resolution quality and sizing
  • text and image balance and contrast.

Don’t short change yourself with an amateurish or shoddily designed publication which doesn’t present your message in a favourable light. From image positioning through to text and paragraph formatting, we can help you to create a high-quality publication that will impress your readers and ensure your work has an aura of credibility and professionalism.

Desktop Publishing Projects For Our Clients

Types of desktop publishing projects we have undertaken for our clients include:

  • Information memorandums
  • Prospectuses
  • Manuals
  • Workbooks
  • Product guides
  • Research reports
  • Business white papers

Fees for desktop publishing projects

For details about fees for all desktop publishing services, check out our rate cardGet in touch today for a tailored quote to produce a professional-looking outcome for your publication project.


Below are some desktop publishing projects we have undertaken for our clients. For more examples of our desktop publishing projects, check out our Portfolio webpage.