Epiphany Editing & Publishing

Our latest desktop publishing project has involved another revamp of an existing publication for a Redcliffe pest and termite control company.

The client’s brief: to transform their old pest control ebook into a document that looked professional and would more accurately convey their business identity.

First step: Proofreading the text

The first step was to proofread the body text of the client’s original publication to confirm that the content was error free and up-to-date. A professional editor is able to act as a ‘fresh’ set of eyes, finding mistakes and contradictions that may have initially been overlooked.

Checking that such details as spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct, and that any facts and figures are also current, ensures that your business retains credibility and that it is presented in the best possible light.

Next step: Selecting high-quality photos and images

With the text in prefect order and all editing tasks completed, my attention then turned to the graphic elements of the ebook. Making the decision to incorporate various photos of the company’s pest control operators in the field was an obvious move with the two-fold benefit of:
(a) providing  potential customers with a clear picture of the range of services offered, and
(b) alleviating the need to source and pay for high resolution images from a photo library.

Finalising the ebook design: Consistent colour palettes, typography and motifs

Tying all the elements together to create the finished publication involved paying close attention to consistency in colour palettes, typography and other visual design features. The use of headers and footers, rules, sidebars or other repetitive motifs helped to unify the ebook design and give it a unique identity. Generous margins and distinctive design elements along the top and bottom of each page served to make the layout more inviting and actually encourage audiences to read more of the text content.

Kirsty Ogden is a professional editor and graphic designer. With a lifelong passion for books, words and good design, she loves helping business owners and writers to achieve their goal of becoming a published author.