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Editing/proofreading packages

We provide the following professional editing/proofreading packages:

Editing Options for your Document

We recommend that you aim for your writing to be published to the highest standard possible. However, we understand that you might not have funds available to commit to an in-depth edit of your document. 

Before deciding the type of editing service you require, you should ask yourself the question – ‘Who is the intended audience for my publication?’. This will help you to determine the final standard your document needs to be and, in turn, the level of editorial attention that is required. 

All our professional editing and/or proofreading fees are based on the total word count, plus the complexity of the original document. They range from 1 – 4 cents per word for copyediting and proofreading, and 2 – 5 cents per word for structural editing.

To find out more about our editing and proofreading services for your project, please contact us.

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This ebook helps to clarify the Three Stages of Editing (structrual editing, copy editing and proofreading) that a professional editor uses to help you to polish your writing.

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