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Manuscript appraisals

A manuscript appraisal (also referred to as a manuscript assessment or critique) can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your book. As an author, you may be too close to your book to spot many of its problems and inconsistencies. For this reason, you should first consider getting your manuscript reviewed by a professional editor before committing to self publishing your book.

All writers have, at some point, asked friends and family to read their work and tell them if it is any good. But nothing can replace an experienced editor’s professional opinion. They will be able to give you an objective opinion about the general direction of your written content and provide suggestions for improvement.

Benefits of a manuscript appraisal

A professional manuscript appraisal will help you to:

  • address stylistic and language issues in your writing
  • further develop your writing style
  • get a better idea of your book’s suitability for publication
  • identify ways to improve your book’s chance of commercial success in a highly competitive market.

Most importantly, after reviewing your text we will provide some practical recommendations that you can implement yourself to help you to improve your manuscript prior to committing to the formal editing process.

Steps involved in assessing your manuscript

STEP 1: Prior to having your book professionally edited and proofread, we recommend you take advantage of our manuscript appraisal service as a good starting point. During the initial step in this process, we read through your manuscript and provide you with a brief (2–6 page) written report. This report contains preliminary feedback about the overall effectiveness of your writing, including what is and isn’t working well. It also includes some initial recommendations so you can rework any areas of your manuscript that require extra attention. This, in turn, will help you to save money on professional editing fees.

STEP 2: Following the initial written report, we will schedule an author mentoring session (45–60 minutes) with you via a face-to-face meeting (Brisbane-based authors only) or a phone/Zoom conversation. During this session, we answer any questions you may have regarding the appraisal report. In addition, we can coach you about all the steps involved in your self-publishing journey – helping you to clarify your vision for your book, including your target audience.

The fee for our manuscript appraisal/author mentoring service ranges between $200–$950, and is based on the total word count of your book, its genre and the complexity of your written content.

If you’re looking for constructive feedback and author mentoring advice from a professional editor, please contact us.

Please note: A manuscript appraisal provides an overview of your book and is designed to assess the big picture. Consequently, it does not drill down into the minutiae of your manuscript – identifying every small inconsistency and mistake. If you are looking for a more in-depth assessment of your writing, we suggest you take advantage of our other book editing packages (The Light Makeover package or The Full Works package).

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