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Self publishing


What is Self Publishing?

Are you an aspiring author who dreams of seeing all your hard work transformed into a published book? Have you written your book manuscript but are unsure of the next steps in your publishing journey? If so, the self-publishing route may be the best option for you.

Self publishing can be an affordable and rewarding way of achieving this goal. Self-publishing is a way in which authors can get their story or message to an audience more quickly, more effectively, more lucratively and with greater control than traditional book publishing routes. With the advent of self publishing, anyone can now enjoy the benefits of becoming a published book author.

For any writer or author, the decision to self-publish their work has many advantages including:

  • complete ownership of the rights to your book
  • ultimate control over its design and production
  • retaining all revenue earned from book sales.

If you self publish your manuscript you retain the intellectual property and copyright of your book and get to keep 100% of the royalties.

How We Can Help You

Epiphany Editing & Publishing offers a complete editing, typesetting, book cover design, and publishing service for authors who want to self publish their own manuscripts.

We demystify self publishing for you by clearly explaining the different steps: helping you to make the right choices, and guiding you through each phase of the book publication process via our comprehensive self publishing program – The Five ‘C’s of Self Publishing.

We are able to guide authors along all stages of their self publishing journey including:

  • manuscript appraisal to provide initial feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your writing
  • editing and proofreading your written material to ensure that it is well-polished prior to publication
  • typesetting and formatting your manuscript to create an attractive page layout design for your book
  • designing an eye-catching book cover
  • copywriting services for your author bio and book cover blurb
  • advice about ISBN registration process
  • organising Prepublication Data and legal deposit for your book with the National Library of Australia (plus relevant state library)
  • ebook conversion and distribution services for both EPUB (for Apple iBooks, Kobo and Nook) and MOBI (Amazon Kindle) formats
  • indexing services where required
  • short-run digital printing, offset (offshore) printing or print-on-demand (POD) services to produce printed (either hardback or paperback) copies of your book
  • book marketing advice/mentoring packages to help you with book sales
  • audiobook production services to convert your printed book into an MP3 file for online distribution.

Keen to get started on your self-publishing journey? For details about our range of fees for self-publishing services, consult our Book Publishing Fee Structure PDF. Or get in touch with us today for a quote, plus information on how we can help you to fulfil your goal of publishing your book.

Alternatively, if you’d like more information about self publishing your book, click on the link to our specialty self-publishing division: Brisbane Self Publishing Service

Publishing Consultation

Do you want to be a published author but feel overwhelmed or confused about where to start?

In order to help authors to navigate the steep learning curve involved in publishing a book, we offer 45 – 90 minute Zoom or face-to-face self-publishing consultation sessions.

During these consultation sessions you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of the self-publishing process (including information about digital/offset book printing, Print on Demand and ebook conversion/distribution).

Our publishing consultation fee is $60 for 45 – 60 minutes (Zoom meeting) or $125 for 60 – 90 minutes (in-person meeting). This fee is to be paid prior to the session and will be deducted from your deposit invoice if you later commission us to help you to publish your book.

If you would like to find out more about the steps involved in transforming your Word manuscript into a published book, contact us today to arrange a personalised consultation session.