We are the perfect choice for all editing and publication design projects

If you’re looking for a comprehensive range of professional editing, proofreading, desktop publishing and editorial design services, you’ve come to the right place!

Don’t let incoherent design, typographical mistakes, or poor spelling, punctuation and grammar detract from the overall quality of your written work. We work with you to ensure that the content, style, and structure of your written document is published to the highest possible standard.

How We Can Help You

Our extensive knowledge and experience dealing with print design and document formatting make us the perfect choice for your editing or publication design project. You can access our range of professional services at any stage of your project’s lifecycle from the initial design concept development phase, through to copy editing and proofreading, page layout and design, typesetting, and finally to printing your completed publication.

(1) Design Concept Development

Consult us for expert advice on the overall design concept for your publication. Our research skills and design know-how mean that we can save you countless hours of brainstorming – quickly steering you in the right direction and helping you to create a professional-looking publication.

(2) Copyediting and Structural Editing

Let us review your writing thoroughly and provide you with valuable feedback and tips for improving its clarity and readability.

(3) Proofreading

If you try to proofread your own writing, you will often miss a spelling or grammar mistake (even though you may have checked the text 20 times!). We will proofread your document to ensure that it is free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors so that your written content is presented in a professional light.

(4) Publication Layout and Design

Here at Epiphany Editing & Publishing, we know that first impressions count and can make (or break) professional success for individuals or businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to create and design print publications that are eye-catching and position your business so that you to stand out from the crowd.

(5) Typesetting and Formatting

We can work with you on your edited manuscript to prepare it for publication. We will ensure that the page layout design for your book, corporate document or marketing publication is stylish, timeless and genre-appropriate.

(6) Print Management

We work with you to get your publication printed to a high standard and within your budget. We have links to trade book printers (local digital printing and offshore offset printing), as well as printers for brochures, flyers, technical manuals, product guides, information memorandums and business reports.

(7) Self-Publishing Services

Thinking of self-publishing your book but unsure what’s involved? To find out more about publishing all types of books ranging from novels, memoirs, textbooks, cookbooks, business-style books and children’s books, we suggest that you check out our speciality self-publishing division: Brisbane Self Publishing Service.

Fees for Editing, Design and Desktop Publishing Services

We offer a straightforward and transparent pricing model for all editing, proofreading, editorial design and desktop publishing services. This ensures we fulfill our clients’ requirements with regards to budget and agreed outcome for the project.

For a detailed breakdown of our schedule of professional editing and design fees, please refer to our rate card.

Keen to move forward?

If you’d like to receive a personalised quote for your project or learn how our editing and/or desktop publishing services can support you to achieve your business or personal goals, please get in touch.