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I’m pleased to announce that another of my self publishing author clients – Alison McGrath – has recently completed her book: Getting the Right balance: a simple guide to people management and recruitment. In addition to fulfilling a long-held personal dream of becoming a published author, Alison’s main motivation for writing her book was to promote her professional expertise she’s gained from many years’ experience working in the human resources and recruitment industry.

Leveraging your intellectual property to best advantage

In today’s online and super-connected world, many small (and, in particular, micro or solo) businesses are based entirely on the knowledge and creative input of the business owner. In previous decades it wasn’t possible to launch a business without physical premises, products and stock, and employees. However, entrepreneurs and business owners can now reach out and form networks with people all over the world from a desktop computer in a bedroom (or even from a smartphone).

Blogging and social media are good avenues for businesses to share their knowledge and interact with potential customers or clients. However, these communication tools are not the best method to fully harness their intellectual assets and ideas that form the core of their business. Apart from tapping into their knowledge in conversations with clients, many business owners  don’t adequately leverage their intellectual property and utilise it to boost their business’ success.

Self publishing a book positions you as an expert in your industry

So, as a business owner, what can you do to ensure that the ‘wealth of knowledge’ you possess is put to the best possible use? One of the most effective ways is to write and self publish your own book. While this can seem to like a daunting prospect for anyone who hasn’t yet trodden this path, it is often not as hard as you might think. And, with advent of high-quality digital printing options like Print on Demand, it is so much more affordable than ever before. Moreover, for those business owners who are sought after keynote speakers or presenters at workshops and seminars, it makes perfect sense for them to consolidate their industry expertise and knowledge in the form of a printed book that can then be handed out or offered for sale at business events.

By self publishing your own book, you join that elite rank of ‘published author’ and are (often instantly) perceived as an expert in your particular specialty. In this way, for business owners, publishing a book can offer one of the greatest time-leveraging tools available because it becomes a passive lead generator for you and your company – opening doors and creating opportunities that might not have otherwise presented themselves.

Kirsty Ogden is professional editor and graphic designer. With a lifelong passion for books, words and good design, she loves helping business owners and writers to achieve their goal of becoming a published author.