Epiphany Editing & Publishing

What if everything you read was in the same font? How often would you notice a magazine article if the text wasn’t structured around an image that made the whole piece seem appealing? Or would you want to a purchase a book if the cover always incorporated an identical typographic style?

Careful selection of font type and size

Today, most people are confronted with more reading material every day than they have time for. Therefore, in order to ensure your written work reaches its intended audience, the various design elements of your publication such as font, colours and layout must be distinctive, look attractive, and directly relate to the tastes of your readers. Selecting the right font and size of type is a crucial first step in presenting effective professionally-presented documents.

The page layout should be easy to read, clear and hold the attention of the viewer; this can be easily achieved by a desktop publishing professional who has training and expertise in design principles. Simply revising something as fundamental as the font, colours or layout of a document can make a big difference to the level of attention and interest your print publication receives.

Customised typesetting and layout

Both large and small size documents can benefit from customised typesetting and high quality layout design. So consider commissioning a qualified desktop publisher to assist with your typesetting work and you will produce marketing materials like flyers and brochures, advertisements, catalogues, posters, technical manuals, corporate documents and other publications that are highly effective, professional and affordable.

Kirsty Ogden is a professional editor and graphic designer. She is passionate about helping people to create a powerful business marketing message via an attractively designed and articulate print publication.